Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Story about ad vehicles all the road rage ... ha!

Not exactly surprised that yesterday's New York Times story, "Your Ad Here, on My S.U.V.? And You'll Pay?," is currently No. 2 on the newspaper's most emailed list. I mean, who can resist a story in which people get paid as much as $800 a month to wrap their cars in advertising, sometimes from national advertisers such as Verizon Wireless or Procter & Gamble? Makes me want to get on the horn (no pun intended) to FreeCar Media, a Los Angeles-based company that allegedly has a database of a million consumers who are willing to pimp their ride in the name of an advertiser. (People who misrepresent the brand by engaging in road rage incidents need not apply.) The story also points out, by inference, what chumps we've all been in letting our cars be free advertising vehicles (OK, maybe this pun was intended) for the dealers from which we've bought our cars. My family is running around in a Mazda MPV minivan with a huge frame around the license plate that promotes ADZAM in Bedford Hills, NY (get it? Mazda backwards) for four years now, and yet the money continues to flow in their direction instead of ours. Something's wrong here, people.

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