Thursday, August 30, 2007

So, who are Paul Lavoie's Facebook friends?

OK, folks. It's time for number three in our series investigating whose friends with who on Facebook. We think we've got the right Paul Lavoie, based on the percentile of his head pictured on his profile page (registration required) and pictured here. As to why we picked the founder of Taxi, this investigative series is entirely random and since a source close to Adverganza's thinking mentioned Taxi this morning, we haven't been able to get the bald one out of our (beautifully-coiffed) head. OK, that pre-amble was quite long enough. Here are Paul's Facebook friends: Fallon (we think) art director Adrien Bindi, Jonathan Careless, a Toronto-based copywriter, ad-guy-about-town Bryan Chiao, Goodby's Mike Geiger, The Barbarian Group's Benjamin Palmer and Rick Webb, the Ontario College of Art + Design's Sherry Martin, MTVu's Ross Martin and many, many more.

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