Friday, August 10, 2007

Last night's episode of 'Mad Men'

Last night's episode of Mad Men was where the series really hit its stride, with just the right mix of insider advertising politics and themes of the time—JFK running for president, the fear and fascination that Don Draper's wife has concerning the messy lifestyle of the divorcee down the street, and, of course, the assistant account executive who doesn't know his place, and yet is saved from being canned from Sterling Cooper because of his pedigree. (Also loved the reference to Bob Newhart's "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart,"—an album which my father, a former account guy, used to listen to repeatedly back in the day.) The only sour note was the B-roll that followed the episode where the actors talk about their characters. It's one thing for executive producer Matt Weiner to talk about the series; it's another to see the actors breaking down the fourth wall. Much better to keep the actors in the bubble that is a period piece like Mad Men.


Anonymous said...

I thought the August 9 episode was brilliant. Every creative person watching had to cringe when Pete the account guy sucked up to the client at the meeting and then went on to pitch his own ideas. And then we find out he can't be fired because he's an agency "untouchable." Was it 1960? Or 2007?

George Parker said...

I was out drinking and smoking (too old for the other now!) keeping up my 60's Mad Men reputation, so I missed it. Will watch the repeat on sunday, then post... Stand by.

Rains said...

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