Thursday, August 9, 2007

Polls are open for MSNBC's best and worst ads

OK, so MSNBC is currently asking for votes for the best and worst ads thus far of 2007. You can vote for best here, and worst here. I find the lists a little odd in that they don't always mention who the advertiser is—anyone have an idea who is behind "Rabbit's feet get reattached" or "explaining what a 'muffin top' is"? For those in the biz, the list of nominees is probably most interesting as a reflection of what people not in the biz find good or bad or good and bad. The commercial for whatever cell phone company it is that features the line, "IDK, my BFF Jill," made both the best and worst lists. Meanwhile, TBWA/Chiat/Day's off-kilter Starburst commercial promoting "Berries and Creme" is tabbed as one of the worst, even though people in and around the industry seemed to like it and it has about 6.5 million views on YouTube, which is pretty phenomenal. Go figure, and go vote.


Alan Wolk said...

Catherine: It's a fascinating list, but I'd say it's more likely a reflection of what the writer(s) at MSNBC who made the list think is good advertising rather than what the rest of the world thinks. It also seems, as you noted, like a pretty sloppy job, in that whoever wrote it couldn't be bothered to find out what products the ads were for.

On the other hand, over 5.000 people have already voted.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Feets get attached is a really cute spot - a favorite of my son's. It's for traveller's insurance. Here's the thing - it is quirky, you want to watch it, but wtf does it have to do with insurance? It could be for anything. My biggest pet peeve about advertising.