Sunday, September 16, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 09.17.07

Wherein we/I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to. I have a doctor's appointments in the morning—so as to preserve my immortality—so may not complete this post until lunchtime. But here goes:

From Advertising Age:

—Why people invested in old media should start drinking hard liquor.
—Hill Holliday finds life after Jack.
—If you care to find out what an anadiggie is, read this.
—Is the killer app for global advertising?
—Bob Garfield is a fan of Wal-Mart's first spots from Martin.

From The New York Times:

—It isn't retailers and the media that are making you obsess about Halloween six weeks beforehand. It's you.
—The newspaper industry—not that it should be the judge—declares the magazine industry not dead: Page Six becomes a weekly magazine, The Wall Street Journal will launch a monthly.

From Adweek:

—How could Jenny Craig stick a fork in Valerie Bertinelli? Well, maybe the client isn't sticking a fork in her, but it definitely is puncturing JWT New York.
—At Dentsu, they don't talk about climbing Mt. Fuji ... they actually do it.
—Barbara Lippert disagrees with Bob Garfield about the Wal-Mart spots.
—Clients still don't think online advertising is accountable.
—Tom Messner drills deep into the ad blogosphere, but, alas, not deep enough to find Adverganza.

From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

—AOL discovers that the advertising industry is based in New York, not Dulles.
—Phew! There's a dropoff in sales of sugary drinks in schools.
SpiralFrog, the ad-supported music download site, finally launches.

From Mediapost:

—A match made in promo heaven ... Hooters sponsors DVD release of "Knocked Up."
—Jim Beam puts the largest ad ever on the side of a casino in Vegas.

What we hear concerning The Delaney Report:

—Tom is sniffing around Dick's Sporting Goods and Mike's Hard Lemonade.

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