Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Halo 3 campaign looks for new believers

Mediapost has an extensive write-up this morning of the new campaign for Halo 3 from McCann Worldwide's Tag unit, which definitely seems an improvement on typical computer game launches— which preach to the converted—and aren't all that interesting to the rest of us because how exciting can streams of the game being played actually be? The Halo game series, which pits humans vs. aliens, is, in this campaign, being depicted as a war that has happened with real battles, history, and so forth. The 90-second ad above, which Brentter helpfully posted to YouTube yesterday, is low-tech; it consists of close-up shots of a diorama. Talk about old school! The site,, is said to include documentary-style videos and the like, though I couldn't get it to run this morning on Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

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