Friday, September 21, 2007

Think "advertising", think "false", "misleading", etc.

As a warm-up to Advertising Week, Max Kalehoff and Pete Blackshaw over at Nielsen BuzzMetrics decided to track what words people most closely associated with the word advertising based on tracking billions of online conversations. As the graph here shows, words like "false," "misleading," ""deceptive" and "subliminal" rank high, with lesser concentration on "spam," "bombarded," "fraudulent" and "soliciting." Ouch. Max, Pete and PhD's Erik Rabasca are hosting a Webinar about this at 12:30 p.m. today, which you can register for here. Luckily, their study isn't all bad news, though in the spirit of journalists everywhere, I've focused on the negative in this post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Webcast was great, except my PC froze on the third slide. But we recovered! See you next week.

Oh, can you think of any other centro topic keywords we should probe in another brand association map?


Anonymous said...

Ditto! This is a really important topic. I think the key question revolves around the cost of marketing and advertising when so much "counter-CGM" is flying all over the place. The other interesting question, I think, is how much of the negativity actually comes from industry insiders. There were quite a few folks on our webinar who were sending chat messages indicating that they find most advertising really annoying. Ironic, yet also revealing.