Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Randall Rothenberg's new clog (not a typo)

If you've missed reading Randall Rothenberg ever since he stopped writing his column for Advertising Age, you can stop your crying now. Randall, now head of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, has started writing what he calls a clog: "It's a column! It's a blog!" at www.randallrothenberg.com, with the title "I, A Bee—Buzz and Pollination from the Interactive Advertising Bureau." (Maybe he should streamline the shoe/beehive metaphors?) His first entry is about the interactive program at VCU's AdCenter, and it starts with this provocative lede: "If you’re a fabulously successful interactive entrepreneur whose last six startups have made a killing in the market and you’re looking for a new place to park some cash, Mike Hughes wants your money."

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