Wednesday, September 5, 2007

'Business 2.0' dies; we get on with our lives

Well, social networking ain't everything. Or at least it wasn't enough to save Business 2.0, which received its death notice last night and will publish one more issue before officially becoming a dot-bomb. It went out in a way that befits Web 2.0—the first report came last night on Brad Stone's New York Times blog. They're sitting shiva right now over at the "I Read Business 2.0 —and I Want to Keep Reading" Facebook group, but even it seems to indicate that the loyal supporters who garnered headlines when the group first got started had thrown in the towel by the time the publication was officially closed. The group stood at 2000 members as of July 29th, after about two weeks, but only gained another 325 or so over the course of August. (I know it's vacation time, but a magazine's life was hanging in the balance!) Not that anyone is asking, but the idea of a magazine built around the new economy seems like an anachronism to me. My husband happened to bring the current issue home from the office last night, and—as it has before—the issue seemed oh so 1999. The new economy is simply the economy now.

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