Friday, September 7, 2007

George Lois, Tommy Hilfiger, an unlikely couple

When I first read this post in Gawker yesterday, I thought they couldn't possibly mean that George Lois. I mean, does the George we know really hang out with Tommy Hilfiger, let alone write books with him, and have a party with him during Fashion Week? Well, maybe I underestimate the guy, but apparently, yeah. Tommy and George (well, on the cover it says Tommy Hilfiger with George Lois) celebrated the publishing of their book, "Iconic America: A Roller-Coaster Ride through the Eye-Popping Panorama of American Pop Culture." Oh, wait. Looking at the cover I discovered that they do have a lot in common even if George Lois was never known as a fashion plate—both have a flair for self-promotion. Look closely (in fact, you don't even need to look all that closely), and you'll see that the Hilfiger logo is there in the upper right hand corner. And, although it's a more obscure reference, that picture of Muhammad Ali as Saint Sebastian in the bottom right is from one of George's classic Esquire covers of the 1960s.

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