Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Traditional ad industry discovers interactive!

OK, so the headline is an overstatement. But it probably shows what a cruel person I am that I actually find it laughable that many traditional agencies still haven't managed to build a decent digital capability. Yeah, I've been in this game since G.M. O'Connell was putting the final touches on the original Zima.com, but how could an entire industry—that I hope no longer prides itself on being cutting-edge—be so out of it? But the industry's attempts to catch up, a mere 13 years after zima.com, are all the news these days. So add to the hiring of Colleen DeCourcy by TBWA, yesterday's news that Mullen hired Ross Dobson, a former Digitas exec who had most recently been working for an agency in Little Rock, as its fourth managing partner—to oversee direct and digital. Keep those hires coming, folks.

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