Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wells Rich Greene part of 4th grade curriculum

Rather than regale you all with stories of our hellish trip to Staples this evening to buy book covers for our fourth grader's textbooks (summary: that was hard), I'll tell you what I found in one of those textbooks. Right there, in New York: Adventures in Time and Place, on page 300, is the sheet music to "I Love New York" words and music by Steve Karmen. Of course, the textbook doesn't actually mention Wells Rich Greene, but ad agencies are used to that, and there is at least somewhat of a good reason that a jingle is in the middle of the textbook: Then governor Hugh Carey named it the official state song in 1980.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Moss and Stan Dragoti were the creative team that created the "I Love New York" campaign for Wells Rich Greene. Stan also was a Hollywood Director and Charlie has since become and actor and can be seen from time to time on Law and Order, among others.

Alan Wolk said...

LOL. I was at Staples last night for the exact same reason. And yes, you had to look closely at the fabric covers they had to ensure you were getting the right size (who measures textbooks? I had to call home from the store to get exact sizes)

Though I did think the stretchy fabric covers were a great idea. You know whoever invented them is a zillionaire right now.