Friday, September 7, 2007

David Armano's 10 questions for agency execs

File this under posts I wish I'd thought of first. Critical Mass vp of experience design David Armano, whose blog is Logic+Emotion, ran the following list of ten questions for agency execs the other day:

1. Do you read blogs. Which ones?
2. Do you have a personal blog? What's it about?
3. Do you participate in at least one social network? Which one?
4. Have you ever uploaded a video online? What did you use to do it?
5. What's your favorite search engine. Why?
6. Have you ever used an online classified service like craigslist?
7. Besides making phone calls—how else do you use your mobile phone?
8. Have you ever registered a domain name?
9. Do you use social bookmarks or tagging?
10. Do you use a feed reader of some sort? Which one? Why?

The purpose, if it isn't painfully obvious, is to discover how digitally savvy they really are. To get the full effect, and the conversation it spawned, you really need to go to David's site. All I'll add is that, as I've been running lists of people's Facebook friends, I've only hit pay dirt about half the time when I think of an executive whose Facebook friends I'd like to list. Scary.

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