Monday, February 11, 2008

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 02.11.08

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines so you don't have to:

From Advertising Age:

—How will a recession affect ad spending? You can read this, but you still won't know the answer.
—You might want to find out who Michael Copps is.
An interview with Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi about why it would be good for everyone—except maybe Google—if it bought Yahoo. (Interview was before Yahoo rejected its bid.)
—Why Naked entered into the warm embrace of Photon.
—Are you ready for big, big magazines?
—Having your brain-scanned while watching Super Bowl ads.
—Rance Crain wants to kill Sears.

From Adweek:

—This headline is really from Friday, but Jay-Z, Interpublic and a guy from Interscope are opening an ad agency.
—Also from Friday: Marian Salzman heading to Porter Novelli from JWT.
—Dave Morgan plans to leave AOL.
—CNN to launch a user-generated news site.
—Publicis and Hal Riney launch a new campaign for Hungry Man dinners.
—Debut campaign from Eleven Inc. for Virgin America Airlines.

When I clicked on the "In Print" link this morning, it was all content from last week, so I'm assuming this is part of the new biweekly schedule. On the other hand, not sure I got a print edition last week. If you got one, report back.

From Brandweek:

—In a tough economy, free-standing inserts are in!
—Tostitos focuses on the Food Network's Ingrid Hoffman in its new campaign.
—And now, the social network for Las Vegas-bound travelers.
—NASCAR puts marketing into fifth.
—Procter & Gamble makes the Times Square Shuttle smell better.

From Mediapost:

—General Motors launches a wiki at
—Landor says iconic brands will suffer in an economic slump.
—Revenue Science creates the Behavorial Targeting Standards Consortium.
—Not surprisingly, the writers' strike spurred more traffic in online video.
—Fast Company launches a user-generated content site.

What we're hearing from The Delaney Report:

—Is BBDO vulnerable on Chrysler?
—Walt Disney is looking for agencies for movie marketing and advertising.

From The New York Times:

Over in the U.K., they're having a hard time coming up with a fat logo.

Nothing of interest in The Wall Street Journal, so that's it for today. Have a good one.

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