Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live blogging CNBC's Nike documentary because I just happen to be in front of the TV

So I'm watching the CNBC documentary "Swoosh: Inside Nike," which hasn't told me anything I didn't know already, but sure beats watching Donny Deutsch's show, which it's pre-empting. The focus on Wieden+Kennedy starts about 20 minutes in, with an interview with Dan. They're showing all the stuff you'd expect, perhaps overplaying the whole suit by the Beatles about using the song "Revolution," but providing a decent flashback to "Bo Knows", the creation of the "Just Do It' theme line, and the power of the Michael Jordan/Spike Lee collaboration. Oh wait, here's Charles Barkley calling the greatest thing he's ever done in his career the Nike ad in which he declared "I am not a role model." Tiger Woods isn't saying he feels the same way about that ad where he bounces the golf ball off his golf club. Nor is LeBron James saying it about his contribution to the Nike oeuvre. No mention about Crispin, Porter + Bogusky edging in on Wieden's turf recently. Makes sense. That's the kind of thing that only ad nerds care about. OK, now the show is moving on to Nike's overseas labor problems. Even though you could argue that the story of Nike is the story of advertising, the focus on the ads got about ten minutes of time.

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