Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the YouTube-a-bowl's bottom five

I promise this is my final Super Bowl 2008 post, but wanted to point out which commercials have gotten the least YouTube streams. (The least-streamed spot is embedded above.) Note to self: if I'm ever a movie marketing exec might wanna pass on a Super Bowl buy. The bottom five, in descending-to-the-very-bottom order, are:

Fifth worst: Jack in the Box "Make a Jack Sandwich." (wondering if this one only ran in spot). 37,240 streams.
4. AMP Energy drink spot featuring Dale Earnhart and a camel. 35,075 streams.
3. Trailer for "88 Minutes." 13,728 streams.
2. Trailer for "Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins." 17,340 streams.
1. Trailer for "Vantage Point." 13,033 streams.

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