Friday, February 15, 2008

Dentsu's Wikipedia entry: just facts, no sex

It's been awhile since I continued my series on agency Wikipedia entries, so—it being what appears to be a slow news day—here's a look at the one from Dentsu. (Last one was Crispin ... I'm going in more-or-less alphabetical order). In short, it manages to turn the world's largest agency (actually it calls it "one of the largest agency brands in the world" which is a bit of an understatement) sound really boring. Except for the 48-floor Dentsu building in Tokyo, which, the Wikipedia entry explains, "is the eleventh-tallest building in Tokyo ... designed by Jean Nouvel, the French architect." But if you're looking for who Dentsu's clients are, or whether any one at the company has been to a Czech brothel, don't look here.

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