Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who really won the YouTube-a-bowl

OK, I know the post below is supposed to be the answer to the question, "What was the most popular Super Bowl commercial on YouTube?" But, I asked myself this morning because I have no life, "Wouldn't the best Super Bowl spot according to YouTube be the one that has gotten the most streams?" (And isn't voting on YouTube a little bit redundant? Don't you vote by clicking the 'play' button?) If number of streams is your metric, the clear winner is the SoBe LifeWater "Thrillicious" commercial (above), which has been streamed almost a million times so far. (This, as with all the numbers in this post, are using the versions of the commercials available at this link on YouTube.) Here's the rest of the top 10 Super Bowl spots so far, as ordered by number of streams.

2. E*Trade Trading Baby (well, I prefer to call this "Barfing Baby," but I suppose that would detract from the selling proposition). 847,707 streams.
3. Derek Jeter and G2. 762,489 streams.
4. E*Trade Banking Baby. 717,936 streams.
5. Bridgestone Scream. 643,287 streams.
6. CareerBuilder Queen of Hearts. 493,915 streams.
7. Bud Light Jackie Moon. 480,997 streams.
8. Tide to Go Interview (which got the most YouTube votes. Go figure.) 442,923 streams.
9. CareerBuilder Firefly. 440,297 streams.
10. Victoria's Secret . 431,699 streams.

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HighJive said...

Possible explanations for Sobe success:

People thought they were viewing a Geico Gecko spot.

Pervs hoping for a “wardrobe malfunction” between Naomi and lizards.

Naomi Campbell is forcing her housekeepers to watch it 24/7.