Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The stats so far on Goodby's "One Gallon Axe"

I'm getting confused about what qualifies as a viral hit these days, but Goodby Silverstein's "One Gallon Axe" by the fictitious band White Gold for those California milk people is up to 221,000 YouTube views in a week. On MySpace, its influential friends include Dave Grohl (does he get paid for that?), and there are a total of almost 3000 of them. The "single" has about 6000 plays so far and the profile has been viewed over 19,000 times. On Facebook—admittedly not filled with this campaign's target demo—White Gold has a measly 73 fans. Less than me! If I were giving out grades—well I guess I am—I'd give the YouTube views tally a B, the MySpace stats an A-, and the Facebook stats a C-. As for the music video, to me, it's a bit long. Seems to be straining for new jokes by the end. The chorus of people dressed in, well, milky white is a nice touch.

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Anonymous said...

I think these mixed stats are because the campaign comes in disjoint chunks.. http://tinyurl.com/4x54pq