Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tangerine Toad's take on Twitter

Tangerine Toad wrote a post the other day that jumps deep into the heart of the weirdness that is Twitter. My favorite item on his "10 Things I Hate About Twitter" was this: "8. I WISH people would realize how odd it sounds to twitter about how you are currently playing with your children. Children are sentient beings who get that Mommy or Daddy can’t simultaneously be playing with them and typing about it on Twitter. Not to mention that (to paraphrase Chris Rock’s famous routine) you’re a parent: You’re supposed to be playing with your children. This is also true of people who twitter about how they are currently at dinner with various friends and relatives. All I can think of is 7 other people sitting there aghast as you blithely type new Twitter updates throughout the meal." I have a question for Tange or anyone else who can answer: if you have more people following you on Twitter than you are following, does that make you ego-centric? If so, I've got work to do.

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Alan Wolk said...

Funny- Steve Rubel- the PR guy, not the dead Studio 54 owner- twittered it and suddenly 400 people an hour were landing on my blog.
A number of them left comments, which were of a decidedly different umm, timbre than the usual crew.

Thanks for the link love though.