Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ad-Ology: Cliff Notes for new business pitches

So I clicked on the text ad at left just now because I had to see what "The Ultimate New Business Tool for Advertising Agencies" is. Maybe a "tool kit" that could, um, eliminate all competitors, or an actual big idea? No, Ad-Ology is a database service that can dump dozens of pages of data in your lap when you're cramming for that new business pitch. The site makes it clear that this is not targeted toward the Greys and Ogilvys of the world, but to small agencies. But, imagine the embarrassment when you show up at a new business pitch and one of your competitors has the exact same "colorful charts, graphs and maps" advertised on the site? Oh the horror! This quote, from Ad-ology creator C. Lee Smith, makes it clear this service is for the same people who surfed the Internet for pre-written term papers the night before they were due. He gushes, ""Using these new reports, new business specialists can quickly obtain the details required to better understand and communicate the client's needs -- all in a package that's manageable enough to review on the cab ride over."


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Catharine, we're still working on the 'eliminate all competitors' feature! Thanks for the love and stop by for some free samples. I'm enjoying your blog.