Monday, June 11, 2007

Ditzy blonde heiress for Cold Stone Creamery

Egged on by Barbara Lippert's review of the Cold Stone Creamery campaign, I checked out the spot in the campaign (above) that features an unnamed blonde heiress holding a small pooch, confronting her fear of the paparazzi inside a Cold Stone Creamery store. It's mildly amusing, and though people may talk of the "coincidence" about this spot launching just as Paris Hilton was going in-and-out-and-in of jail, it's not that much of a coincidence. It's been known for at least a few months that Paris was headed for the clink--it's just that none of us expected her time behind bars to be this dramatic. Still, it's not like the commercial is generating that much buzz, if YouTube is any indication. The Heiress spot isn't even the most popular in the series. That goes to the commercial featuring Bigfoot at 855 views. Created by Saatchi.

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