Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Starz bunnies take on "Die Hard"

OK, this doesn't have all that much to do with advertising, but stay with me. No, wait, actually it does, in that so many TV networks are looking for amusing little interstitials to keep people from changing the channel during the commercials. The latest in Starz' series of bunny parodies is out, this time taking a crack at "Die Hard." What are bunny parodies, you ask? Well, to put some metrics around it, they are 30-second versions of popular films, reenacted by animated bunnies. My personal faves are "Alien" and "Pulp Fiction" but they are watchable enough that you can wile away a good fifteen minutes checking them all out at the site of Angry Alien Productions, which make them. Oh, and back to the advertising angle on this post. Though licensed by Starz here, Tribal DDB has used them in Europe to promote the "short, but fun" VW Polo. Angry Alien is promising its next short will synopsise "Napoleon Dynamite."

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