Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Live Garmin ad dead on arrival

Couldn't find online anywhere some video of the live Garmin commercial that ran on "The Tonight Show" last night. I saw it pretty much by mistake since I rarely watch the show, but unless you're into lame (or limp?) erectile dysfunction humor it wasn't worth bothering. It featured John Melendez offering up Garmin--which gives GPS-enabled directions, I think--to cure what I think they called "directional disorder."At any rate, even though the live spot was parodying erectile dysfunction, they didn't even manage to use the word "dysfunction" in the script. Not that the allusion was that hard to get, but is this so hard? As for the commercial's resolution, once the guy in the convertible actually figured out where he was going he got the girls. Humor so bad it's painful. I'll give Garmin a B+ for media innovation (true, live in-program ads are the recycling of an old idea), and a D+ for execution.

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