Thursday, September 20, 2007

And the winner is ... Jeff Swystun!

As you may have noticed, I've been all hot and bothered about the lack of posts on DDB's three new blogs, but I'm happy to report that Jeff Swystun, the agency's director of global communications, posted something fairly interesting on Tuesday of this week (go here, click on "DDBlogs" and then "Business Communications.") The agency is currently conducting a poll that sorta/kinda runs off the home page (go here and click on "Be Heard" in the bottom right-hand corner) about whether consistency in the way branding is communicating is becoming more important. Two-thirds of the 175 respondents so far say it is becoming more important, but what's more interesting is Swystun's discussion of how, while important, "it no longer means 100% compliance to confining guidelines." (As for Bob Scarpelli and Frank Palmer, authors of the other blogs, get thee to a keyboard. It's been sixteen days since your last post.)


Anonymous said...

Catherine - very happy to oblige! We appreciate you visiting our site and blogs. We will be updating posts as often as possible and based on the content of comments we receive.

Thanks for your comments regarding the consistency discussion. I am just finalizing a paper on this subject which we will have up on our site. I hope you and your audience get value from it and future materials.


Jeff Swystun
Director of Global Communications
DDB Worldwide

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