Monday, October 29, 2007

Is 463,000 Bravia bunny YouTube views good?

Been meaning to check into how the Sony Bravia bunny spot was doing, now that it's been out for about a month. My extremely scientific analytics device was to go to YouTube and count up views on all the copies of the commercial that showed up under the search term "Bravia bunnies", and I came up with 463,000 views give or take. Most advertisers would be putting out press releases about those numbers, but compared to the original ad in the series, "Balls" which is probably in the tens of millions by now, it's not all that great. I'm hoping Sony is smart enough to realize that it's almost impossible to beat the first success of a campaign such as "Colour Like No Other," but it's hard not to wish for that. Anyway, there's still time.


Alan Wolk said...

Those numbers always blow me away. I mean I really like the spot and all, but would never think to show it to a friend who didn't work in the creative department of an advertising agency, you know?

Anonymous said...

in the big scheme of things, considering all the hype surrounding the ad and the cost of production, 463,000 views is nothing.

for example, a one day youtube road block (cost $125,000) is pretty much guaranteed to yield 500K viewers regardless of how exciting/boring the content is.