Monday, October 29, 2007

Need a personality test to buy a printer?

Kinda weird to see this "Epsonality" campaign launching two days after I finally went and bought a new printer. (I got an H-P.) Its goal is to look at the buying process from the consumer out, rather than, I guess, the features in, by putting people through a personality test to determine their needs when they visit the site. The commercial above--there's a whole bunch of others as well that feature the same couple--functions as more of a teaser. Adweek points to this review of the site on Techcrunch, which isn't exactly, um, glowing. It's no better or worse from a creative standpoint than a lot of stuff on the Web, but I dunno, by the time I walked into BestBuy the other day, I didn't need to be taking a personality test to tell me what I wanted. OK, maybe I was further along in the purchase cycle than people visiting printer Web sites, but even though the idea is that this quiz is supposed to be relatively personalized, there's something a little condescending about telling people what printer is right for them rather than the other way around. Via Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

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