Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Patron tequila gets to bottom of, uh, stuff

I'm a little disappointed in this effort for Patron Tequila, since, unlike the new campaign from its competitor, Partida, it contains no tales of binge drinking. Anyway, the m.o. is that some things—like the perfection of Patron Tequila—are not debatable, while other things, such as "Mac vs. PC" and "The Beatles" vs. "The Stones" definitely are. The theme is carried out in a series of ads, and also on the Web site, where people are allowed to debate the merits or demerits of each protagonist, and they seem to be doing that. Interestingly, I saw a copy of one of the spots on this compilation video from BestAds on YouTube, and the point/counterpoint was "Truth" vs. "Truthiness"; the version on the site, however, says "Animal House" vs. "Caddyshack," so I wonder if the Colbert camp got to them. If you choose to visit the Patron site, don't do it while under the influence of tequila, or anything else. The navigation is giving me the spins, and all I'm drinking is VitaminWater.


Unknown said...

I must say, I quite enjoy the Patron commercials. Plus, they've started airing spots that directly tie into the shows they air during! I think it's a great step towards making commercials relevant.


Anonymous said...

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