Monday, November 5, 2007

Ben Relles, viral video superstar

This whole Ben Relles thing is getting kinda meta. Now, Relles is one of the contestants of the "Battle of the Viral Video Superstars" which is being sponsored by Canon on YouTube. The premise is that two teams, made up of said superstars, will duke it out over three days to shoot the best viral video of all time. Or close. Actually, the mission statement, as stated on the Canon site is, "If they were to shut down the Internet next week, what would your last post be?" Well, given that Relles has been associated with both one of the best (Obama Girl), and the worst (the pitch video for Subway, which, sadly is no longer online) kind of illustrates that these guys could come out with some real crap. As for Relles, he's a former online ad guy who made a really bad video while in advertising who is now starring in a viral ad campaign. See what I mean by meta?

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Anonymous said...

Becuz I know Ben, I would point out that he wasn't working at when that Subway video was made.