Friday, November 9, 2007

Goodby creates new language for Comcast

Saw this cool Comcast "triples language" site from Goodby yesterday, at a creative panel at ad:tech (hey, I finally noticed that ad:tech dropped the "@" sign .... the old log was sooooo 1999). Whoops. Got way off point. Anyway, everything about this Comcast site—which promotes the Comcast "triple play" offering—rocks. The navigation, the amusing word plays, and the videos. It centers around behaviors that people indulge in once they have phone, Internet and TV from Comcast. A few examples:

Wi-fiving: Instant messaging a friend to celebrate a specific part of a TV program, usually a sporting contest.
Tomphonery: Calling a friend on the phone to hear their reaction to an obnoxious email.
Karaocasting: Singing karaoke On Demand while broadcasting it on your Webcam.

You can enter your own word and see if it gets added to the site. I submitted "postatubing" which is the act of writing posts while watching cable, an activity you can depend on me doing at least several night a week, which explains why so many Adverganza posts make no sense at all. If it gets added, you can bet I'll be wi-fiving.

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Anonymous said...

haven't we seen enough of the 'hybrid' word concept at this point?