Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Microsoft's Zune looks inward for answers

You may have read that Microsoft has dropped its old Zune advertising emphasizing, its social, file-sharing side, maybe because, as David Becker at Wired pointed out, "that for song-sharing to work you need to have several Zune owners in the same place at the same time." Something which obviously hasn't happened due to Zune's lousy sales. Now, it's all about personalization, or the inward Zune. Anyway, the spot above might be pretty cool, if the iPod didn't exist. But I could do without the room full of fluffy, pink bunnies, which look like they belong in a commercial for Rozerem with that gopher and Abe Lincoln. Via McCann-Erickson's T.A.G. OK, I'm off to @d:tech for the rest of the day. See ya.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced by this spot.

Beyond sort of reminding me of Donnie Darko with the weird bunnies, it doesn't really say anything that differentiates it from the iPod. The ad looks cool, but I wish it would do more.

Or less. Maybe Microsoft should put the money into making a music player that people want to buy.