Thursday, November 8, 2007

Omnicom goes native to set up global digital shop

Brian Morrissey at Adweek has a story this morning about a new global digital creative shop that Omnicom is setting up called Redurban. That's already the name of an Amsterdam-based shop that will serve as the agency's home base. Omnicom bought apparently bought it in the first quarter, but I don't think anyone was paying much attention—most of the big news around then was about Publicis buying Digitas. The only other existing office in the network is the Tribal DDB spinoff shop Virion in Dallas, which handles Arby's to avoid conflict with McDonald's. Other offices in key markets London and New York are being opened. Omnicom isn't going on the record about all this yet (even though the Red Urban home page—pictured above—already reflects the change), but according to our good friend "sources", the aim is to "form a global digital operation along the lines of AKQA, with strong expertise in marketing and creative." Hell, it's a lot cheaper than buying AKQA. OK. Off to @d:tech. Later.

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