Monday, July 9, 2007

Adverganza's Monday picks

Adverganza's Monday wrap-up of what's worth reading from today's advertising news dump.

From Advertising Age:

Man, it sucks to be a CMO.
Google allegedly scared of Facebook, but apparently only Facebook.
Is anyone ready for Chivas.TV?
Rance Crain says going upscale is over-rated and thinks Wal-Mart should celebrate its biggest market: poor people!
Five ex-Crispin guys start an agency with no clients, and it still rates a 600-plus word story.
Bob Garfield loves that Simpsons/7-11 promo.

From Adweek:

A Q&A with Arianna Huffington.
A take on the convoluted upfront, in which low ratings make prices go higher! Sir Isaac Newton, rethinking Law of Gravity, somewhere.
Barbara Lippert gets all Slurpee about the genius Simpsons Movie/7-11 promo.

From The New York Times:

Alcohol advertisers spending more on advertising, less on public service ads.

From Mediapost:

Please don't laugh. Wendy's launches The Baconator.
Pravda drinkers tell, and taste, the truth.

There was other coverage out there, but frankly, it was really boring.

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