Monday, July 9, 2007

Thoughts on advertising in Texas

Sorry not to have posted in awhile. It was only by not posting that I realized people are actually reading this (they told me so), so I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth. Well, I guess you could say that I fell off the face off the earth and deep in(to) the heart of Texas--that's where I've been y'all (ouch), in part visiting this particular ad guy. A few Texas advertising observations: We kind of dug the advertising for Buc-ee's, an uber-convenience store with an excellent brisket of beef sandwich and a large selection of chewing tobacco. The campaign was an occasionally more product-driven series of billboards that evoked the "South of the Border" ads on I-95, and, after driving past a half dozen or so, not going there was simply not an option. (Thanks to Good Spins at Flickr for the pic.) The one in Luling pretty much lived up to the claim of "fabulous restrooms" we saw on one billboard, unless you've been spoiled by powdering your nose at the Waldorf or something ... The best place-based campaign I saw was for Tyler Flood, a Houston lawyer who advertises in the restrooms at Minute Maid Stadium--he actually implores people to enter his phone number into their cell phones right then and there, in case they get stopped for DWI on the way home from the Astros game. Brilliant ... It was even better than the "Eat Mor [sic] Fowl" foul poles sponsored by Chick-fil-A down the left and right field lines. Usually sponsorship of that sort offends me, but for some reason this did not. Every time an Astro hits a "fowl" pole this season, everyone in the place gets a free chicken sandwich. So much better than those lousy KFC commercials ... GSD&M's Idea Factory in Austin looks really cool from the outside.

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