Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good riddance, page views

Louis Hau at is asking if the page view is dead, prompted by Tuesday's announcement by Nielsen/NetRatings that it would stop ranking sites by the number of page views. If that surprises you, maybe you haven't been paying attention to your Web travels lately. With more and more content available to users without them having to jump through multiple pages, people in-the-online-know have been second-guessing the wisdom of relying on page views for some time now. Thus, NetRatings' decision to emphasize other metrics such as time spent and total visits to individual sites. It's somewhat amusing to read about this shift at, which has often gamed the page-view system by presenting content so that users have to click and click and click again. For instance, a current world-altering feature, "In Pictures: Top Spots to See a Model," asks readers to click at least ten times to get through the content. Let's hope ends this practice soon, though old habits die hard.

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