Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"'WSJ' Creative Leaders" disappoints

Was just about to give up on the site for the current Wall Street Journal Creative Leaders contest, where creatives who actually took the time to create an advertising homage to their favorite creatives are supposed to have their work posted. Or so I thought. Instead, in the Gallery, are pictures of 36 creatives, ranging from Richard Kirshenbaum to Brett Shevack to Ann Hayden who have entered the contest. Whether they've created ads on behalf of themselves isn't entirely clear. The actual ads will be judged by a panel of former stars of the Journal's Creative Leaders campaign, but wouldn't it've been more fun--not to mention in keeping with the, um, times--to open up the voting to the online ad masses? Sure it would have. Then again, folks at the Journal have been a little distracted lately so maybe it didn't occur to them.

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