Thursday, July 12, 2007

More on Dell's agency switch

A story today on the Business Week Web site gives a bit more insight as to why Dell decided on a new tagline and agency to replace BBDO’s “Purely You.” While at least one official report of the recent split from BBDO attributed it to the agency’s winning of the BestBuy account, the new marketing chief’s obvious displeasure with the BBDO work comes through loud and clear in the BW piece. The story says of “Purely You,” “Those ads missed the mark … and and one of [Jarvis’] first moves was to pull the plug … " His analysis? That the ads simply weren’t “cool” enough. "Customers are focusing on cool," he says. "Consumers are increasingly conscious of the brand itself," he adds. "People say, 'I'm an Apple person, I'm an HP person, I'm a Dell person.' We're reflected in the brand we use." The new spot, carrying the tag, "Yours Is Here" can be viewed here. Created by Mother, New York, the main point it seems to get across is that Dell's apparently can be had in a lot of colors, though I don't remember that feature from when I bought one last year. There's also a cameo appearance by an AMC Pacer.

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Anonymous said...

funny to see Dell scrambling to be cool after two decades of pooh-poohing branding in favor of their hallowed direct model.

so the CEO has decided, in 2007, that consumers want cool stuff. really? that's why they pay him the big bucks i guess.

it will be a long hard road Mr. Jarvis.

the way to be cool is to actually be cool. and dissing the efforts of people who slaved on your brand isn't cool.

nice blog btw. from a real journalist no less!