Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why the Facebook phenomenon?

It's intriguing to read these reports about Facebook traffic surging, and although I don't entirely understand why, it makes anecdotal sense. I was saying just a few weeks ago to someone or other that I almost no one has asked me to be a friend of theirs on MySpace—someone that I actually know, that is. Meanwhile, I get an email every few weeks from some former colleague/college classmate/old friend who wants to add me to their friends list on Facebook. As anyone who checks my pages on both will notice, I'm not exactly a master social networker—the reason I even created either page is because of a story I was writing where I needed to get further acquainted with each, and I can remember distinctly, early this year, creating my Facebook page and being almost embarrassed about being the only forty-something mother listed among all of the Westchester County, NY members of Facebook. Everyone else seemed to be a 17-year-old looking for love. It's Facebook's heritage as being only for people with .edu email addresses that makes the apparent shift toward it so surprising. This story in Adweek says Facebook has benefited from allowing developers to build applications for Facebook users . Certainly, that's of interest to some, but it doesn't explain why certain, um, motherly demos are migrating toward the site.

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