Sunday, October 7, 2007

Adverganza's Monday morning picks, 10.08.07

Wherein I scan the Monday morning headlines, so you don't have to. (I'll be off with the kids most the day, so this may be all you get.)

From Advertising Age:

—So Steve Ballmer says Microsoft will be an ad giant. Hey everybody, the company has been saying this at least since its Financial Analysts Meeting last July.
—Bottled water is great, except for the bottle.
—Ha! "Mad Men" with no ads.
—At Unilever, young folks help out old fogies.
—This year's Power Players. (Yeah, they're mostly white males.)
—Bob Garfield gives Dove's "Onslaught" four stars, while simultaneously pointing out that Unliever also makes Axe and that Dove agency Ogilvy also does the advertising for the Barbie doll. No one ever said life was simple.

From Adweek:

Advertising on social networks: Marketers aren't always accepted with open arms.
—Peter Drakoulias finds it strange that Domino's doesn't perceive Burger King also being at Crispin as a conflict.
—How hiring Michel Gondry as the director for a Motorola spot put Cutwater in Moto-limbo.
—Like Garfield, Barbara Lippert gives Dove's "Onslaught"a thumbs-up. No word on whether that thumb is manicured.

From Mediapost:

—Burger King is getting set to market downloadable cell phone games.
—And now, Crayons, the drink.
—Sanford C. Bernstein analyst says Yahoo would be worth more broken up or sold.
Magna's Steve Sternberg on what the early network TV ratings really look like.
U.S. News & World Report launches comprehensive rankings site called

From The New York Times:

—The lowdown on Google's top-secret mobile phone initiative: the GPhone.
—Headline I never thought I'd see: "'Kid Nation' Slips in Viewers but Gains in Advertisers."
—Toyota giving away a new game, featuring the Yaris, free to XBox users.

From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required unless otherwise noted):

—Welcome to the world of "brickfilms," videos featuring characters and scenes made out of Lego. Free.
—A look at ads at tie-in ads to combat TiVo.
DKNY perfume sprays the sidewalk outside Bloomingdale's.

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