Friday, October 12, 2007

Now Kodak is out of the Olympic game

By my count, Kodak is now the second major company to decide not to keep sponsoring the Olympics, following General Motors, which made up its mind in August. Like GM, Kodak is a troubled brand, and it's quite possible the company won't successfully make the shift to being a digital company, but there are other factors at work here too other than saving money—otherwise it might be worth it for Kodak to use the Olympics (the deal ceases after Beijing) as a launching pad for its great rebranding. The Olympic Games just aren't the draw that they used to be, which, whenever it becomes time for NBC or some other network to negotiate the broadcast rights, could be a watershed in terms of determining what mass media properties are worth in a fragmented media world.

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Alan Wolk said...

More bad news for Ogilvy. They (and every other ad agency, for that matter) rely on Olympic spots as a chance to showcase their talents and increase their coffers