Friday, October 12, 2007

Adrants hopping mad at 'Mad Men' review

Despite his blog's name, it's not all that often that Adrants' Steve Hall goes off on a true rant, like the one he posted today about Bart Cleveland's critique of AMC's "Mad Men." The critique, posted on the Ad Age site, admits from the get-go that Cleveland actually only watched ten minutes of the show, which is much of Hall's problem. How can a guy who watched ten minutes of a show truly critique it? Good point there, Steve. So, I went and read the Bart Cleveland thing, and I guess what it's meant to be is a diatribe on why a show about advertising can't really be about advertising, but instead is a show where "a lot of frustrated housewives gossip about one another." The guy actually thinks that people would watch a show about advertising; he wants to see scenes wherein, there's " ... a passion for creative that causes men to live like monks, not adulterous lechers making passes at their secretaries." Only problem with that, Bart, is that you'd be the only one watching.

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