Monday, October 15, 2007

Andy Richter shops victoriously

The above has been running on YouTube all day and now has more than 420,000 views in exchange for its premium positioning. (It went up some time over the weekend.) Starring Andy Richter and Paul F. Tompkins, it's the fairly funny "Winner's Guide to Winning Everything," part of the new "Shop Victoriously" campaign that eBay launched last month. Looks like Richter and Tompkins have been charged with driving around in an RV looking for people who have been victorious at all sorts of inane pursuits, though apparently spending quality time winning the bidding for Beanie Babies isn't among them. The site where most of this Richter/Tompkins stuff is housed——did make me dizzy, but, since I'm a sucker for anything Andy Richter, I hope the effort was worth the amount of money he was paid to do it. Created by BBDO, I think.

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