Friday, October 19, 2007

Is Partida campaign too honest about tequila?

Just checked out the campaign for Partida Tequila that I originally saw at, and the only way to really experience its excessive honesty is to go to the Web site, where people admit what happened during/after they've had some tequila. Says the man-on-the-street pictured at left: "I was in Chicago. It started out as an innocent drink with a friend, a few shots of tequila later, dot, dot, dot, I have a child in Chicago." He also explains that he likes Partida's finish better than that of some tequilas he drank in college that "kinda wanted to make you vomit, immediately thereafter." (To see it, to to the site and the video will automatically start to play.) Under the special "bartender confessions" link, a female bartender at Dos Caminos in Soho comments that there is "a strong connection between tequila and maybe just falling asleep in public places" recounting the time—fittingly, on Cinco de Mayo—a woman fell asleep at the bar and her friends departed without her. It got to be closing time and the staff, "kinda of like pushed her outside, and she kinda like met up with some people—we were hoping she knew them—and she kinda woke up and followed some people off in the distance. We think she's good ... she's fine." Anyway, interesting to see if the hammer comes down on this campaign, since, at the very least, it is politically incorrect in the extreme. And the Web site doesn't even ask you for your birthday before you start, um, imbibing the videos. Created by Colangelo and Partners Public Relations.

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