Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WaMu ads probably didn't help Burnett

After reading the withering description of the WaMu campaign by the Chicago Sun-Times' Lewis Lazare, I had to check it out to see if you can read between its copy lines and see why Leo Burnett just lost the business to TBWA/Chiat/Day. Now, before the split, according to Lazare, Burnett had moved to a different campaign from the one above, which features uniformly "stodgy, old" (white) bankers, and, while attempting to poke fun at "stodgy, old" (white) bankers, ends up somehow being offensive to all concerned. Whether this was the campaign that broke the client's back as far as Burnett was concerned I may never know, but it probably doesn't help that the majority of the discussion on YouTube about the campaign isn't about the merits of WaMu, but about whether or not the campaign is racist.

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