Monday, October 15, 2007

Al Gore sure loves advertising

OK, so now I see why the ad industry can't get rid of Al Gore: the guy's about to launch an ad campaign to tell us what to do to stop global warming, and he's going to spend $100 million to $200 million a year to do it, according to this story. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, or, more likely, I'm suffering from Al Gore burnout now that the guy has appeared at Cannes, and just last week at Google's Zeitgeist, the ANA conference and also, in his spare time, won the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, here's a guy who could hang out with anyone he wanted—with the probable exception of Dubya—but apparently actually likes to hang out with people in advertising. Anyway, the campaign is from The Martin Agency, and, if his ANA speech is any indication, expect lots of TV. Gore said that, "Television still works more powerfully than anything else by far." I'm not sure he's right, but hey, it's not my $100 mill. BUT, WAIT, THERE'S MORE: I kinda forgot about the Current TV thing when I wrote this last night. The guy has more reasons to love the ad biz than Don Draper.

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Anonymous said...

I see he's dropped Naomi Wolf's recommended green debate shirt for a black one.
Odd, since global warming combatants recommend white clothing and white highways and white roof tops as a cheap way to cool off cities which themselves are warmer than rural areas, but which can be cooled through the simple expedient of color change.
When Gore debates Michael Crichton and Bjorn Lomborg and those British judges and stops preening before suck up forums, maybe truth will be the winner.