Friday, October 19, 2007

Deutsch Wikipedia nothing to write home about

I've been neglecting my obligation lately to check out agency Wikipedia entries to see if they're anything of interest in them, and in the case of Deutsch—the agency, not the man—there's not much to say. It lists a smattering of clients and mentions only a handful of spots the agency has done: the Mitsubish Galant spot that featured Sweet's ' "Ballroom Blitz" and the Coors Light spot "Wingman" among them. No mention of popping or whatever it's called. While noting that Deutsch is "one of the most-revered agencies over the past 10 years," the entry doesn't do anything to prove it. So, why do I harp on agency Wikipedia entries? Because, for example, in this instance, Deutsch's Wikipedia entry is the second link when you search the word "Deutsch"—you'd think that maybe the Wikipedia entry merited a little attention.

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Anonymous said...

Revered agencies?
A rare category of agencies.
Is that a new category in the Gunn Report?