Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's do lunch; then I'll fire your ass

Finally some actual news (and, no, most account shifts aren't that interesting). According to Ad Age's Jean Halliday, who is quoting a Subaru insider, the car company fired incumbent DDB over lunch today in Manhattan without a review. Now that's classy. Anyway, even if none of the official mouthpieces are commenting, this unexpected shift has the ring of truth to it. The story says that Subaru CMO Tim Mahoney, who came back last May after seven years at Porsche, wants to work again with Carmichael Lynch, which, conveniently, is just winding down its relationship with Porsche. To that extent, this story appears almost quaint. It involves no social networking, viral videos or DVRs, just good ol' cronyism. Just like advertising used to be.

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