Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who was green first? Arnold or Brooklyn Bros.?

It took a mere two days to find a second campaign claiming to be potentially the first using offsets to balance out the carbon emissions used during the shoot, so let the fighting begin. Who was really first? On Monday, it was Arnold for Timberland. Today, according to the Ad Age Web site, Brooklyn Brothers has done a completely carbon-neutral commercial production—this one for the Versus cable TV network, using a software program it developed with a company called ERM that measures the carbon emissions of everything from the lighting to the gas used by the production trucks. The cost of offsetting the 8.9 tons of carbon emitted is a lo, lo $180. Of course, Arnold is also offsetting the cost of the media placements for its campaign, so I suppose they can brag about that. On the other hand, Brooklyn Brothers is going to try to make all of its commercial production carbon-neutral, so they can brag about that. Who wins? I'll be nice and say the planet.

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