Friday, October 26, 2007

Check out Honeyshed; QVC for the rest of us

Hmmm ... this Honeyshed thing is ... what's the word? ... different. It's QVC for people who don't watch QVC because it's actually fun to watch. Consider this explanation of boxing gloves for the Nintendo Wii, where the presentation is decidedly "street": The glove is "easy like a condom, you just slip on in." I don't even know what some of the videos on the site are selling, but I took the screen grab above because I thought the bra made out of boxing gloves was a new twist on fashion. The videos are embeddable, which is smart, except that the default on them is to automatically play, and I shy away from posting those. Anyway, go on your own time and check it out. Honeyshed, in case you haven't been reading your ad news, is a site developed by Publicis, Droga5 and Digitas. It launched last night in beta. Wonder what kind of revenue cut they'll get from promoting these products, but at the very least, good for them for doing something that is, truly, different and ambitious instead of the same tired approaches to advertising. BUT, WAIT, THERE'S MORE: Experience Matters isn't buying what David Droga is selling.

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