Monday, October 22, 2007

Wendy's red wig not officially for the public

As you may have noticed, I've been digging the Wendy's "Red Wig" campaign for awhile. As predicted, Wendy's red wigs are for sale for $29.99, presumably for Halloween, but unlike when Burger King started selling King Masks a few years back, these aren't for sale from Wendy's Instead, Wendy's wants the wig to stand for empowered consumers while at the same time controlling its distribution. I found a link to the "Wendy's approved Red Wing Local Activation package," which provides franchisees with all the whimsy and red hair from the commercials for a lo, lo $20. It contains: "One official Red Wig, reference worksheet for Red Wig and Wendy usage and 'Dos and Don'ts'[sic] , one DVD of Red Wig performances as a reference for appropriate style and behavior, talk points/script to guide your local Red Wig talent." The site selling the package makes clear, "WIGS ARE NOT INTENDED FOR THE PUBLIC." If that weren't enough, the site links to this Usage Guide written by Wendy's vp/brand management Bob Holtcamp. He says that the wig "is something that is most effective when it appears (my emphasis) to come from consumers." God forbid that it actually did come from consumers.


Anonymous said...

i want one sooooooooo bad for halloween

Anonymous said...

i want one and i can't find it anywhere

Unknown said...

So this was why it's so hard to find. Anyway, since I've had a hard time looking for an already styled and made Wendy wig for my daughter to wear for last Halloween, I had one of my wife's Harlem 125 wigs styled to look like it's Wendy's hair. She had one of her Jon Renau wigs styled the same way so that she can come along with my daughter for trick or treating, too. Yes, my wife loves Halloween that much.